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Audi new car engine surface corrosion 4S shop: does not affect driving

But the 4S shop said the engine appearance problem does not affect driving

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The country's first 9 escape channel bus debut is expected to try the operation during the year

The new escape system will be promoted in Guangzhou bus

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Many newspapers on the wrongly boarded "Omaha" responsible person to punish

The wrong thing is another newspaper in the community - "Beihai Evening News"

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Gree Group coaching change: Zhou Lewei any party secretary, chairman of the board

Meng Xiangkai holds Gree Electric Company stock 17

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Indian overpass collapse 5 contractors employees were detained

The overpass is located in the heart of the city of Calcutta

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Kindergarten school bus trapped in the water cave traffic police traffic water holding 29 children out of danger

A school full of students kindergarten school bus trapped in a water cave

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The "number" of Xi Jinping's speech at the headquarters of the League of Arab States

For the region with the country to carry out capacity cooperation, infrastructure construction projects

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Anhui, a man suspected of killing mother burning corpse police reward 200,000 arrest fierce

Anhui Taihe County Qingzhen town people) will be 88-year-old mother cruel to kill the corpses fled

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Japan's peace constitution has not won the Nobel Peace Prize Abe's tone

Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution

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Nobel Peace Prize winner in Bangladesh

Yunus founded the Bangladesh Rural Bank in 1983

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The more the better the house to sell? Hebei Zhuozhou want to buy a house to pay 20,000 row fee

Zhuozhou house prices are only half of Beijing's five rings

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Qingdao into "China is most afraid of flooding the city" a hundred years of German pipe network offer credit

At present, Qingdao's underground pipe network system has been fully borrowed from the German experience

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Man on the plane on the stolen crew members were held in administrative detention

After the police asked the criminals Sumou on the plane to take pictures of others privacy

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Gansu Tailings Leakage to Water Pollution

Western Han Dynasty Jialing River entrance exceeded 25.2 times, Jialing River in Shaanxi exit water quality standards

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North China Huanghuai local will have heavy haze in the northeastern part of Huanghuai heavy rain

Northwest of eastern China, central Inner Mongolia, North China, Huanghuai, northeast China and other places have 4 to 6 northerly wind

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Associate Professor playing with girls chatting record exposure betrayal men and women love nude chat

Lei Bin let He Yuan later do not go to school to find him

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Beijing a public rainy night lost license plate search picked up 18 license plates

One of them was taken yesterday afternoon to take his own license plate

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Jingha high-speed a container truck into the middle of the highway fence area rollover

Site high-speed emergency rescue personnel told reporters (WeChat ID ID

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Yunnan Lancang border check smuggled frozen goods more than 300 tons (Figure)

(Teng Yan) Yunnan Pu'er border brigade Lancang border brigade on the 29th day of the meeting, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Disclosure

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