Audi new car engine surface corrosion 4S shop: does not affect driving

But the 4S shop said the engine appearance problem does not affect driving
Recently, Ms. Wang, November 3, she found that just bought 4 days of Audi A6 car engine surface corrosion, moldy, requiring 4S shop transfer or exit. But the 4S shop that the engine does not affect the appearance of driving problems, they have feedback to the relevant situation to the manufacturers, the need for identification by the technical department to determine the solution. Ms. Wang said that on the morning of October 30, she spent 37 million yuan to Shunyi District, an Audi 4S shop to buy an Audi A6 domestic car. November 3, she went to the car foil found that the engine surface a large area of ​​corrosion, there are many black spots, white hair. In the afternoon, she found 4S shop, the shop side for its injection of silver powder in the engine, but Ms. Wang worried that the engine surface will continue to corrode, there are security risks, do not agree with this solution, asked to change or exit. November 4, the reporter saw the king in the 4S shop outside the car, see the engine has a large area of ​​corrosion, moldy phenomenon, including gearboxes, generators, air conditioning compressors and many tubes are stained. Ms. Wang said that the car only to see the car's appearance and interior, "because it is a big brand, I did not open the front cover to see." 4S shop sales manager said the engine surface moldy problems may be caused by oxidation , The customer will mention the car when the staff will check the car, but not to look inside the engine, and said the engine does not affect the appearance of driving, Ms. Wang can feel at ease driving. 4S shop market director said that the situation has been feedback to the manufacturers, the need for technical departments to identify the reasons before the solution can be given, during which Ms. Wang travel expenses will be borne by the company. In addition, it said that after the shop all the vehicles were checked, there is no and Ms. Wang purchased the same car situation. One in the auto repair industry practitioners for more than 20 years of analysis of the master Liu, car factory and vehicle transfer, the dealer will check the new car dealers, vehicle generally do not have problems. Audi car to the 4S shop, the need for regular maintenance, so such a large area of ​​the oxidation should be the latter part of the dealer should not be caused by the maintenance, there may be some operations lead to corrosive things left on the surface. At the same time, Master Liu said that the oxidation surface of the engine surface will not continue to spread, some acidic residue after drying, the scope will not be expanded, although this does not affect the driving, but the car is flawed, violating the consumer's right to know.

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